What kind of money am I going to have upfront to hire you guys? If you have a job or a credit card, we ask for half of the quoted retainer. When you’re serious and ready to proceed with your case, putting SOME money down lets us know you’re serious. When your serious and ready to go, so we.

If you have any billing or legal service statement issues, Attorney Mark Mullen, President and founding member of the firm answers the phone….always. He does the books, issues the checks and makes the financial calls on your case. If you call the main number, it will be him you talk to, period.

We encourage payment plans. Most of our clients are not rich and therefore cannot put down the entire amount of the retainer at the time of hiring.

County/District OWI/DUI Criminal Defense Family Law
Chippewa/District 10 $140.00/hr $160.00/hr $170.00/hr
Menominee/District 9 $140.00/hr $160.00/hr $170.00/hr