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Here are the relevant statutes relating to a Dept. of Trans. Code violation issue for your review. Please look them over and contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION so we can help you find which are relevant to your case.

Relevant Wisconsin Department of Transportation Code:

Chapter Trans 113 – Administrative Suspension of Operating Privilege for Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration
§ Trans 113.01 Purpose and Scope
§ Trans 113.02 Definitions
§ Trans 113.03 Law Enforcement Officer Action and Information Provided
§ Trans 113.04 Reviews
§ Trans 113.05 Suspensions
§ Trans 113.06 Department to Vacate Administrative Suspension
Chapter Trans 119 – Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Alcohol Use Restrictions
§ Trans 119.01 Definitions
§ Trans 119.02 Twenty-Four Hour Out of Service Orders
§ Trans 119.03 Persons Subject to Out of Service Orders