As a parent, your number one concern has to be the safety, welfare and happiness of your children. Sometimes, even children with the most attentive and caring parents end up running afoul of the law. Juvenile law doesn’t always involve a simple slap on the wrist, either, especially if a child goes virtually unrepresented during their case. If your child has been charged with any sort of crime, it is essential to consult with a juvenile law attorney as quickly as possible. Doing so can lessen the odds of your child facing more serious penalties – and may even result in reduced charges.

How the Juvenile system works?

A juvenile law attorney is trained at representing children under the age of eighteen in the juvenile criminal and civil court systems, and also at keeping juvenile crimes sealed from public record. The juvenile legal system is a separate justice system than the one for adults, and minors have certain privileges such as having their parents present during police questioning, or having a juvenile attorney appointed for them during contentious divorce proceedings. A juvenile law attorney will help make sure that a child’s rights are fully advocated and protected.

When to hire a Juvenile defense attorney?

Children are just as capable of breaking the law as adults, but a juvenile defendant requires the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in the area of juvenile law. Underage persons get charged with crimes every single day; a few of the most common charges include:

Criminal mischief

Sex crimes


Drug charges

Minor in possession of alcohol

Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle


No matter what your child has been charged with, an attorney who is well-versed in juvenile law can help reduce the odds of your child facing the most severe forms of punishment. Juvenile law works differently than regular law in many important ways, so it makes sense to have the appropriate legal representation. Don’t leave your child unarmed when he or she is charged with a crime – consult with an experienced juvenile law attorney.