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Attorney AJ Swenson completed her Bachelor Degree in Music Business at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee before attending law school at Belmont School of Law.  Thereafter, she moved back to her home state of Wisconsin and began her law career working in the area of bankruptcy, consumer-debtor law.  She soon realized that she wanted to continue to expand her knowledge base and pursue her passion of vanquishing injustice.  She began working in criminal law and since working at Mullen, Schlough, and Associates, has almost completely devoted and immersed herself in the areas of criminal and family law.  When she does have time outside of work, she enjoys anything outdoors including kayaking, running, and road and fat bike cycling.  She has two dogs that are her world, spends much of her time volunteering, is currently pursuing her real estate broker’s license, loves to travel, and is passionate about working in the music industry. 

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Bachelor of Science - Music Business

Juris Doctorate, Belmont University School of Law