Eau Claire County vs. Citizen Accused of Operating While Intoxicated and Operating with a Prohibited Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) at a .32 Level

Attorney Mullen convinced prosecutors just hours before a jury trial the defendant was not operating his vehicle. Even though video tapes and statements differed as to who was actually driving the truck the evening of the incident, Attorney Mullen convinced the District Attorney’s Office such a discrepancy was not worth risking a jury trial over. The case [...]

Sawyer County Probation and Parole v. Citizen on Probation – 12′

A citizen on probation was facing a revocation of his probation which would have resulted in a significant prison sentence. Attorney Schlough was able to obtain probationer’s release from jail pending the revocation hearing. In addition, Attorney Schlough was able to minimize the sentence to be served by probationer by convincing the judge to revoke only the[...]

OWI Case – ’12

" Back in December 2012 I was charged with a 2nd offence D.U.I. due to a vehicle crash I created while driving drunk. The next morning after being let out of jail I went across the street to Mullen, Schlough & Associates. I presented my case to Attorney Scott Schlough and Attorney Mark Mullen. They took action[...]