OWI Court Process

An arrest for OWI sets in motion a legal process that passes through various processes. After the initial traffic stop, investigation and arrest, your case will be booked and begin its journey through the judicial system. The length of time it takes to fully resolve a specific OWI case will depend on its details.


Criminal Defense Process

The Investigation

Unless the police actually observe a crime in progress, their knowledge that a crime has potentially been committed comes to them some other way, such as by information from a witness or crime victim. In these situations, the police most often will undertake some investigation before making any arrests.


OWI Sentencing Guidelines

OWI is an abbreviation for operating while intoxicated, alluding to a legal charge for drunk driving. Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated is a class C misdemeanor. The components of the offense are (1) operating (2) a vehicle (3) while intoxicated, which is characterized as the impairment of mental and physical faculties by drugs, alcohol, or a mix of the two. […]