Hiring a good criminal defense attorney to handle drug charges

Our firm represents all types of drug crimes, including trafficking, drug manufacturing, state, and federal drug crimes.

Drug crimes can be misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or felony-level offenses depending on things such as: exactly what type of drug was in question, the weight/amount of the drug, the intentions of the offender, whether the accused has a prior record and, how many offenses the accused committed during a certain time period.


Family Vs Family: What Your Attorney Won’t Tell You?

A person’s life can change in a minute.  You can get involved in a legal case within a matter of minutes even if you didn’t plan to. If you are involved in any legal lawsuit or you plan to file lawsuit you need the services of a well experienced attorney. Be it a career damaging injury picked up at your place of work, a messy divorce, child custody battle or a hit and run accident. The services of a well trained attorney will do justice on your side of the case.