Violent Crimes

Some sayings can evoke strong emotion when considering the existence of conflict and violent crime in the world today. There are different definitions of violent crimes.

Violent crime is a crime in which a lawbreaker makes use or threatens to utilize force upon a sufferer. This involves both crimes in which the violent act is the purpose, such as rape or murder, as well as crimes in which violence is the way to an end. Violent crimes may, or may not, be committed with arms. With reference to the jurisdiction, violent crimes may differ from homicide to harassment. In general, violent criminals include murderers, aircraft hijackers, rapists, bank robbers, burglars, torturers, terrorists, drug cartels, carjackers, kidnappers, active shooters, gangsters, muggers, and others.

Violent crimes entail crimes where deliberate harm is imposed against another person at the time the crime was committed. In addition, violent crimes can include the threat of intended harm. The infliction of the harm can include the use of poison, arms, bodily contact, and other harmful forces. Most violent crimes are considered felony crimes. These are the most serious crimes and come with a sentence of a year or more in jail.

Crimes classified as violent may differ by state, but they regularly include assault or battery, sexual crimes like rape, and serious property crimes like arson. Although homicide crimes are often considered a separate group of criminal law, many jurisdictions consider murder and non-negligent manslaughter to be violent crimes. Violent crimes cover a large range of crimes which are grouped into five categories by the United States Department of Justice. These include murder, rape or sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault.

Violent crimes involve the use of force or the threat of force; therefore, they are severe in nature. When a person has been officially charged with a violent crime, they would face the prospect of a long prison sentence, or in intense cases, the death penalty.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s statistics, in 2010, about 1,246,248 violent crimes took place in the United States. Furthermore, aggravated assaults accounted for the utmost number of violent crimes reported to law enforcement, at 62.5%. Additionally, robbery comprised 29.5% of violent crimes, forceful rape accounted for 6.8%, and murder accounted for 1.2% of projected violent crimes in the year 2010.

Penalties for Violent Crimes

Penalties for violent crimes are dependent on the gravity of the charges. These mostly depend on the sort of crime as well as the degree of the other individual’s hurt. Less severe crimes can be prosecuted as misconduct, leading to prison time of less than a year, coupled with some criminal fines.

Kidnapping and murder are more serious felony charges which may lead to a prison sentence of 5-10 years (or more) and heavier criminal fines. Also, infuriating factors such as the use of a lethal weapon may lead to heavier criminal punishments and consequences.

With violent crimes, violence can either be the objective or they can be a means to an end (as in robbery). In addition, a violent crime may or may not entail the usage of a weapon. An individual can kill another human being with their bare hands or in a more dangerous way, such as poisoning the person. Making use of a gun to commit such a dreadful crime is not always necessary.

Violent crimes are prosecuted as felonies, which mean that a conviction can result in so many years in state prison. Not only can they entail a long jail sentence, but some states have also passed the three strikes law which means that a violent felony conviction would count as a strike on an offender’s criminal record. The three-strikes laws were passed by state governments of the United States. These laws necessitate the state courts to hand down compulsory sentences to offenders who have been convicted of a violent felony on three or more separate occasions.

Under the three-strikes law, offenders that have committed a particular crime over and over again are subjected to augmented and extensive prison sentences. They are also restricted or, in some cases, banned from getting a substitute type of penalty other than a jail sentence.  Some states carry the death penalty. This means that offenders, who are facing stern violent crime charges could be sentenced to death in a court of law.

It’s a known fact that most violent crimes entail the use of violence or force. In most cases, a crime can still be classified as a violent crime notwithstanding if it only entails the threat of violence. The crime of assault is a form of crime that is found in this group. Assault can differ depending on the facts surrounding the case; nevertheless, assault by description involves the threat or utilization of force. It is not compulsory that physical contact must take place in order to be convicted of assault. The threat of violence is all that is needed.

Some types of violent crimes include:

Rape and sexual assault

Rape and sexual assault are classified as violent sex crimes. Rape refers to non-consensual sexual intercourse, whereas sexual assault is associated with non-consensual sexual contact.


Homicide charges are generally the most severe forms of violent crimes as they entail the death of another human being. Murder and manslaughter charges are separated into degrees.

Assault charges

This is of two forms: simple assault and aggravated assault. Simple assault can be charged as misconduct; nonetheless, it is regularly prosecuted as a felonious crime. Aggravated assault, on the other hand, entails real physical contact with the victim.


In the case of a carjacking, the carjacker threatens to make use of a weapon against the victim unless they hand over their vehicle. 


Robbery is a violent crime which involves a victim being confronted by a weapon. In robbery situations,  individuals make use of a gun or knife to infuse fear in their victim, in order to get them to hand over their valuable property.

Violent crimes are naturally stern, thus a conviction can ruin an offender’s life. People convicted of violent crimes usually face long jail sentences; therefore defending them needs the assistance of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. 

It is not completely rare for mitigating conditions to result in criminal acts; hence a tough defense is the best option. A criminal defense lawyer typically understands how to cross-examine evidence and witness testimony. He or she is also conversant with the tools to discover any justifying proof that could help individuals attain a more positive result in the criminal charges against them. Your lawyer can provide guidance and legal representation throughout the duration of the criminal trial.

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