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Definition: Embezzlement
1: Embezzlement is the fraudulent appropriation of money by someone entrusted with it’s care on behalf of others, but who uses it for his/her own purposes. Embezzlement typically occurs in the employment and corporate settings. It is a crime that may involve small sums or very large sums of money. Embezzlers commonly steal relatively small amounts repeatedly over a long period of time, although some embezzlers steal one large sum at one time.

Topic Expanded: Embezzlement
The embezzlement defense lawyers at The Mullen Law Group excel in representing clients in a wide variety of embezzlement cases including crimes such as fraudulent disbursement, skimming, and cash larceny, among many others. Embezzlement is a serious charge that can have severe consequences. Although all of these crimes have a embezzlement component, that does not necessarily mean that everyone involved was aware of the embezzlement . The Mullen Law Group’s embezzlement lawyers have extensive experience defending clients from embezzlement allegations and are committed to providing an aggressive defense on the clients behalf. In embezzlement cases it is essential to have a dedicated attorney that engages early and strives to get the case either dismissed or settled out of court. Because embezzlement cases usually involve mere monetary losses and the alleged victim is often only pursuing the recovery of his or her money, a skilled embezzlement attorney or criminal defense lawyer will be able to help get the case resolved. Have Wisconsin’s premier embezzlement attorneys prove their success in settling cases out of court and preventing charges from ever being filed.

If charges of an embezzlement related crime have been filed or are in process, an experienced embezzlement defense team will be able to improve the outcome, whether the amount in question is large or small. Remember, it is easier to prevent an embezzlement charge from being filed than it is to receive a not guilty verdict in court once it has already been charged.

Recommendation: Embezzlement
It is extremely important to hire a criminal embezzlement attorney to represent your best interests. The primary goal is to keep you out of the criminal court system so you can move on with your life without the danger of a lengthy prison sentence or a criminal record. The Mullen Law Group’s embezzlement lawyers maintain an extremely high rate of success.

Our determined focus is to:

  • Keep a felony or misdemeanor embezzlement allegation out of court
  • Use our knowledge base to settle strategically
  • Fight for the best outcome our client is facing

In some situations, it may be difficult for the prosecution to pursue or prove a embezzlement case. This is due to the fact that the intent of the defendant is a key part of the charges. To be convicted of committing some type of embezzlement, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant intentionally made the attempt to or actually embezzlement others. If an embezzlement case goes to court, there is often no recovery of losses for the plaintiff because a judgment is ordered. The judgment can often include jail time, making recovery of losses very difficult. Settling out of court is the most beneficial option for both parties; the plaintiff has a better chance of recovering losses and the accused can avoid serving time in jail or prison.

Although the evidence may seem substantial, there are many options an attorney can use to challenge the embezzlement charges. It is important to act quickly to involve a legal professional who can properly assert rights and act as a knowledgeable voice inside and outside of the courtroom. Our criminal defense lawyers have achieved amazing results in embezzlement cases during the pre-file stage as well as in the courtroom. Our attorneys have the expertise to have embezzlement cases completely dismissed, or pursue a lower sentence for the client.

Don’t let an embezzlement charge jeopardize your future, contact us immediately to find out how an exceptional embezzlement attorney can help you.

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