Juvenile OWI in Wisconsin

A standout amongst the most critical factors in adult OWI cases is the blood alcohol limit or BAC, which is regularly estimated by police when they consider drivers are impaired or driving under the influence. For the individuals who are 21 and over in Wisconsin, blowing a .08 BAC or underneath don’t consequently prompt an OWI charge. The same does not apply for those younger than 21.

Wisconsin’s OWI law incorporates what is now generally known as a zero tolerance policy for juvenile drunk drivers. With no tolerance set up, any BAC reading above 0.00% is reason for a juvenile OWI crime. It’s similarly critical to take note that the law does not stop at alcohol consumption.

Juvenile drivers can be charged for the equivalent OWI crimes on the off chance that they’re caught driving a vehicle with some other unlawful, impairing substance in their body system. These can be lawful prescription drugs and also illicit substances.

The Penalties for Juvenile OWI in Wisconsin

Since drivers younger than 21 in Wisconsin can be a particularly at-risk group with regards to driving in general, the penalties for juvenile drunk driving are relatively stricter than those for grown-ups.

A first time juvenile OWI offense usually comes with a fine of a few hundred dollars notwithstanding a 6 to 9 months driving license suspension. In spite of the fact that this penalty is the same as the penalty for adults, more serious penalties emerge when numerous convictions happen.

On the off chance that a second juvenile OWI conviction happens within 10 years of the primary conviction, fines begin at $300 and can get up to $1000, including one year in prison, and a driving license suspension of an entire year or more.

While the above penalties can have instant financial and social consequences, there are additional consequences that can likewise do critical and long haul financial harm. Car insurance or protection rates can soar for juveniles convicted of OWI in Wisconsin – particularly for recurrent guilty parties.

Juvenile OWI convictions can result in a lot of money in additional premium costs every month. It’s very common to see some insurance agencies basically drop policies without chances to renew.

Protect Your Assets and Your Record

With a lot about you at stake, it’s very important that you contact a seasoned Wisconsin juvenile OWI lawyer if you or a younger family member is facing juvenile OWI charges in Wisconsin.

The Merits of having a Juvenile OWI Lawyer in Wisconsin

It’s important to note that drunk driving charges or OWI/DUI (operating while intoxicated or driving under the influence) charges are very complex. They involve numerous processes like testing of one’s blood or breath. There are so many detailed processes that are involved in the testing of bodily specimens and that can be ripe with mistakes or wrong readings.

So, one of the vital things a seasoned lawyer with expertise in this area can do is to scrutinize the process of how the blood was examined, whether the equipment used is functioning correctly or whether their evidence is the truth.

Additionally, there can be a number of other defenses like constitutional violations and defenses relating to a juvenile OWI charge, which a common individual can’t be able to understand. These are intricate cases, which need someone who has the skill and knowledge in defending them.

If you or someone you know has been charged with juvenile OWI in Wisconsin, it’s crucial to hire the best juvenile OWI attorney in Wisconsin to defend your case. Contact the attorneys at Mullen Schlough & Associates S.C. today.

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