OWI Defense settlements and victories in Wisconsin
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Here are the relevant statutes relating to vehicle issues for your review. Please look them over and contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION so we can help you find which are relevant to your case.

Relevant Wisconsin Vehicle Crime & Criminal Liability Statutes:

§345.01 Words and Phrases Defined
§345.05 Municipal Liability for Motor Vehicle Accidents
§345.06 Owner’s Liability for Act of Operator
§345.07 Civil Actions by Secretary
§345.08 Suit to Recover Protested Tax or Fee
§347.09 Service of Process on Nonresident
§345.11 Uniform Traffic Citation
§345.17 Penalty for False Statements
§345.18 Sentencing of Juveniles
§345.20 General Provisions in Traffic Forfeiture Actions
§345.21 Authority to Arrest with a Warrant
§345.22 Authority to Arrest without a Warrant
§345.23 Officer’s Action after Arrest without a Warrant
§345.24 Officer’s Action after Arrest for Driving Under Influence of Intoxicant
§345.255 Deposit after Release
§345.26 Deposit
§345.27 Information to Persons Charged
§345.28 Non-moving Violations
§345.285 Alternative Traffic Violation and Registration Pilot Program
§345.30 Jurisdiction
§345.31 Venue in traffic regulation actions
§345.315 Change of judge
§345.32 Initial Appearance before Judge
§345.34 Arraignment; Pleas
§345.35 Not Guilty Plea; Immediate Trial
§345.36 Not Guilty Plea; Continuance; Failure to Appear
§345.37 Procedure on Default of Appearance
§345.375 Judgment Against a Corporation or Limited Liability Company
§345.38 Effect of Plea of No Contest
§345.40 Pleading
§345.41 Motion to Dismiss
§345.42 Preliminary Proceedings
§345.421 Discovery
§345.422 No Guardian Ad Litem
§345.425 Mode of Trial
§345.43 Jury trial
§345.45 Burden of Proof
§345.46 Verdict
§345.47 Judgment of Forfeitures, Costs, Fees and Surcharges
§345.48 Reporting Pending Appeal
§345.49 Procedure on Imprisonment; Nonpayment of Forfeiture, Costs, Fees, or Surcharges
§345.50 Appeal
§345.51 Reopening of Default Judgment
§345.52 No Double Prosecution
§345.53 Costs Not Taxed against Plaintiff
§345.55 Traffic Officers Not to Profit from Arrests
§345.60 Penalty of Compulsory Safety School Attendance
§345.61 Guaranteed Traffic Arrest Bonds