What to know about DUI / OWI charge in WI

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over 1.4 million drivers have been arrested driving under the influence over the years. An OWI refers to operating while intoxicated or a DUI (driving under the influence), is not limited to alcohol, and includes drugs and prescribed medication.  This offense’s provisions can exist in certain situations, such as blood […]



What to know about DUI Defense Laws in Wisconsin

What to know about DUI Defense Laws in Wisconsin Why hiring an OWI Defense Attorney should be step 1 DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) are both serious crimes but in Wisconsin there are many factors you should know about as they may impact your conviction.  While a DUI charge can be, and[...]



OTC Meds, Weed and Drug Driving

You’ve heard of drunk driving and know exactly what that entails. But do you know about drug driving and that it can include OTC (over the counter) medication too? DUI means driving under the influence. That can include alcohol, weed, prescription drugs or even over-the-counter meds like: antihistamines, aspirin, antacids, acetaminophen, laxatives and decongestants. If you are[...]