You been accussed of a crime. The police show up at your door and accuse you of something you didn’t do (well not all of it anyway). What do I say or not say to the police?

You been accussed of a crime. The police show up at your door and accuse you of something you didn’t do (well not all of it anyway). What do I say or not say to the police?

Drug intoxicationSo you find out in a quick hurry that, no matter how cooperative you might have been, you find yourself being hauled away by the police. You suddenly ask yourself, and possibly the police too, “Don’t you have to read me my rights? So what if they don’t. Want to find out the ramifications? Call us today for free and find out.

So the police are in your home, searching away for something. Then one of them makes a comment something to the effect of, “It will be easier on you if you just help us out.” They proceed to tell you they won’t0 file charges, have the District Attorney be lienient on you and basically let you off if you just tell them the truth. Should you? Wan to find out the reprocussions before you make the wrong move? Call us for free and find out.

After the event takes place and law enforcement drags you away (no matter what you told them) you find yourself in the local county jail. So now what? Your buddy tells you there has to be some sort of “bond hearing” whatever that is.. Wouldn’t you know it. They busted me on a Friday The police tell me I can post some money to get out. My wife is a wreck and the kids are in tears. If I don’t show up for work on Monday they’re going to fire me. Want some help? Call us.

In a few days, the jailers line me and the rest of the folks that landed in jail for the weekend up in front of a video camera. There is a public defender there who tells the judge how I have so many “ties to the community”. This is all true, but I just want to get out of here and back with my friends, family and job. The judge either says I can get out on a cash or signature bond with conditions. What if they don’t work for me , my work or my family? Want to find out for free? Call us.

After you’re released on bond (or sit in jail for a while trying to dig up the money for the cash bond), you find out there is another court hearing. Something called an Initial Appearance. You go to court at the time and date the judge tells you to come during the bond hearing. You get a copy of the Criminal Complaint and you read about what you could be facing. They’re not going to throw me in prison for this, are they? Want to find out what you’re really facing? Call us today.

After the Initial Appearance (in a misdemeanor case) or the Arraingment (in a felony case) I get to see the police reports, witness staements and all the rest of the evidence the State has against me. So how do I get it? I notice it doesn’t just show up at my door one day. How do I get ready for my trial? What if some of the evidence can get thrown out? Find out what the State has against you. Call us to learn how.

The judge says that there is going to be a “Pre-Trial/Settlement Conference”.. This is going to be my time to work something out with the DA and figure this whole thing out. So you go, the DA listens, but doesn’t seem too sympathetic and makes me this offer that, well, isn’t too good… Is that the last time I get to talk to the DA? Call us and find out.

So you’ve got all the evidence the State is going to use against me. Now what. My buddy hired this attorney and he got him off on this technicality. Can an attorney do the same for me?

hearing misdemeanorsThe judge wanted to find out if I came to some sort of arrangement with the DA or not as to how to deal with my case. I like some parts of the offer the DA made me and I can’t live with other parts of it. During the Review Hearing, what do I tell the judge? He’s telling me that if we don’t have tye case settled, we need to go to a jury trial. What do I do? Call us for free and find out.

So I set this case up for a jury trial. Did I do the right thing? The judge told me the Status Conference is the last time I can settle this case without having to go to a trial. I’m so close to working this thing out. What do I do? Call us and find out.

You couldn’t work out the small details of the Settlement Offer with the DA and now we need to go to a Jury Trial. So far I’ve been able to handle this case by myself, but a trial attorney I am not. How do I prove to 12 strangers that I’m innocent? Want some help? Call us today.

At the trial, the State goes first by putting the Officer on the witness stand. They proceed by putting on witneses the State or City may have. Now it is your turn……

So you’ve ben found guilty at trial. Since this is a misdemeanor, you’re looking at some jail time. You’ve gotten sentanced in a different county from where your family and work is. What do I do? I’ve heard that I’ve got some time before I have to serve my time? Do I have to do my time in the county I was convicted in? Call us to find out.