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Criminal Lawyer is an attorney or public defender represents defendants facing criminal charges who allegedly engaged in criminal activity in state, federal and appellate courts. He or she is YOUR counsel. Your counsel is the person in your corner during the criminal process. Criminal lawyers also represent people who have been charged with minor offense to major felonies.. They educate their clients about relevant criminal law and legal issues. They defend people from criminal charges brought by the government.

Defense attorneys spend time reviewing the facts of a client’s case both from police reports and through interviews with our clients and any and all other witnesses. comparing such facts with the statutory elements of a crime and deciding what can or cannot be proven by the State. If there are facts of a case that weigh heavily against our clients, we try to have such facts suppressed fand forbidden from being used in the case.  If such facts cannot be suppressed, we try to spin the facts in the most favorable light to our clients as possible.

If the facts of a case, whether produced in a police report, witness or some other source such as those being suppressed by a successful motion filed in front of a judge, do not establish the basic statutory element then it is the job of a defense lawyer to file a motion to dismiss the case.  Such case will be dismissed if the judge agrees with the defense. Your faith in your attorney to accomplish these tasks is of utmost importance.  Having security in your lawyer’s ability and his or her attention to your case more often than not determines your freedom and lack of criminal conviction.

Your attorney must have your best interests in mind at all times.  It is important you share with your lawyer things that that are important to you.  For example, if you really enjoy gun hunting whether that be for small game, ducks or deer and maybe you are part of a skeet shooting league or trap team right your attorney should be preserving your right to carry a firearm.  If you can’t stand guns but drive quite a bit for various reasons, your attorney should focus on preserving your driver’s license.

Therefore, it is important for a defendant to choose criminal defense attorneys, criminal attorneys, public defenders or criminal lawyers (they’re all legal defense lawyers) that knows the difference between what you’re facing with regard to maximum imprisonment time (the criminal law) and how to get those crimes down to a different lower category and subsequently less “imprisonment exposure” time. A good defense lawyer, public defender or legal private practice professional should know this criminal law strategy, criminal case and legal issues (especially regarding white collar crime) without thinking no matter what law school they went to.  Criminal defense attorneys know how to explain criminal laws and criminal defense concepts to defendant, client and family members in easy-to-understand examples based on years of handling criminal cases.  A local attorney who handles all kinds of cases don’t know the specific criminal laws that can win your case. Most criminal lawyers who just deal with criminal defense are part of criminal defense lawyer professional organizations.  A criminal defense lawyer handle nothing but criminal defense cases so you will want to check out this fact before you hire them.  A lawyer help you defend yourself against criminal offense allegations by using the law learned both in law school and experience researching criminal law.  Your attorney whether it be a public defender if you cannot afford a private attorney should investigate the case no matter what. Follow us on social media or feel free to send us text messages anytime. Whether your crimes are misdemeanor or felony charges, become a client and we’ll work out the pay situation.



Common Criminal Questions

criminal defense lawyerDefendants usually have similar question when facing the criminal justice system.  The follow list is a few of the basics: Go to the FAQ under the Information tab to read in-depth questions about the criminal justice system.

          • What do criminal defense lawyers do?
          • How much will a criminal defense attorney cost me?
          • What is the difference between a public defender, court appointed attorneys and a private attorney?
          • What can a criminal defense attorney do to help me if I’m guilty?
          • When should I talk to a defense lawyer?
          • What should I expect when working with a criminal defense lawyer?


What Type of Criminal Cases Do We Handle

criminal attorneysGood criminal lawyers, criminal attorneys and public defenders are key if you are ever facing criminal charges. Every state has different categories for these criminal statutes. This is why hiring a good criminal lawyer or even multiple criminal lawyers at the federal level is important.  Private attorneys, more specifically, criminal defense lawyers at Mullen, Schlough & Associates center their practice area around criminal defense. A criminal lawyer should search for evidence and witnesses that will help your defense during the trial, research the elements of the crime and show the court, prosecutor and jury why they do fit a defendant’s case.  That’s what a lawyer is paid to do.




Our Attorneys

criminal lawyerWe are a lar firm of criminal defense lawyers. Our criminal defense lawyers are in court every day working with local judges and prosecutors.  We know the local police, witnesses and justice system.  Our criminal lawyer team goes to the same bar parties as the local judge or prosecutor and to those defendants hiring us, we may look to “comfortable” around each other but make no mistake the better we know the judges and prosecutors, the better it is for the defendant’s plea, knowing a judge well impacts the conviction and how well the trial goes.  These are skills your local criminal lawyer needs to know.  Your lawyer needs to know all the elements of the criminal justice system.  That’s why you hire an attorney and pay their salary all in the effort to minimize their conviction.  A defendant’s hiring process and search for a good attorney should be taken lightly. The fee should be looked at but so should an example of what they have done for the defendant.



Our Prices

Criminal AttorneyWhen defendants research and decide before hiring the firm or counsel is the best representation choice look at resources, who is the most helpful, what criminal lawyers have the most trial and motion skills and those criminal lawyers who can negotiate the best plea deal.  Research which lawyer is going to be most helpful to your side of the story.  Sometimes if you cannot afford our fee a judge may appoint us to your case.  We handle a court appointed case, a government paid, or public defender appointed case or private paid representation in the same manner:  all defendants deserve the utmost professional standard in representation, no matter how we are paid and to what fee.  When a defendant selects a lawyer sometimes their salary dictates who they can afford but how we represent them never changes, only 100% no matter what.  We represent our clients to the best of our ability no matter how much we are getting paid…. period.




What People Say About Our Law Firm

criminal attorneyThere really is one hallmark of a good criminal defense attorney:  communication skills with a defendant pinpointing a strong defense addressing your legal needs. Criminal lawyers know not only a set of criminal offense codes, but a lawyer communicates the criminal law to their clients in a way that makes sense and give a better understanding of local state o5r federal crimes, whether misdemeanor or felony, to everyone.




What is Special About Us?

    • criminal defense attorneysLreat Customer Service
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Local Court and District Attorney and/or Prosecutor Familiarity




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