Operating After Revocation

Although most of us drivers consider a driver’s license to be a basic right of adulthood, the privilege of holding a valid driver license is reserved for those who demonstrate an understanding and respect for the rules of the road. When drivers fail to abide by those rules or act in a manner that suggests a lack of consideration for the safety of others, the state is capable of suspending or revoking a driver license. While this may seem like a minor issue, driving a motor vehicle after one’s driving privilege has been suspended or revoked can be a very serious traffic offense like operating after drivers license suspension . A. state DMV may suspend or revoke a driver license for a variety of reasons like failure to pay alcohol online fees or failure to submit and pay for a proof of alcohol sobriety test online by a specific contact date, depending on the criminal laws of that state. A suspended or revoked license requires proof of so many things and date to pay online or submit to whatever by such and such date can drive a person crazy. 

Appreciate The Seriousness Of The Situation And The Law 

If a person has been arrested for the crime of operating a motor vehicle after suspension or revocation of their driving privileges or after one’s driver’s license revocation, they probably know the seriousness of the situation WHEN they get stopped by law enforcement for driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license but they might not know the finer details of the law.  

Don’t let your buddies tell you suspensions and revocation of your driver’s license and driving privileges are no big deal.. The law says driving after suspension or license revocation of your driver’s license and suspension or revocation of your driving privileges or driver license is a misdemeanor and can even impact your child support. 

You need to be aware of the difference between a suspension or revocation of your driver’s license and privileges of your motor vehicle. A person needs their driver’s license and driving privilege of motor vehicles to get to and from work, pay your child support along with everything else in life. A driver license of motor vehicles may be critical to a life and death situation.  

The facts involved in a driver license suspension or license revocation impacting one’s driving privileges are key. They impact a driver license revocation period or suspension period, driving record, reinstatement requirements, financial responsibility, traffic tickets, liability insurance, and overall driver status. In each state you must follow the instructions of the DMV rule in paying a suspension fee or revocation fee even if it was another state where the serious traffic violation took place.  

The rules of one state’s DMV don’t necessarily match another state DMV and the suspension or revocation and suspension period or revocation period don’t necessarily need to match either but to get your new license you must follow the instructions of the department of motor vehicles. Depending on your driving record and status of your license, this will dictate your reinstatement privilege by the DMV and mostly the court can’t do one thing about driving privileges are taken away from the driver. The court can request the DMV to have your privilege to operate a vehicle reinstated, request you get a new license or take off an insurance requirement.  

One thing is for certain. Pay your fee, set up a payment plan to pay your fee over a determined period, install an ignition interlock device or your privilege to operate a vehicle and the status of your driver’s license by the DMV will remain.  

Your reinstatement privilege of your vehicle and suspensions and revocations of your license, fees insurance obligations and even child support obligations will be negatively impacted. Your license reinstatement may be suspended or revoked by the DMV but Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C. will make sure the DMV doesn’t allow the suspension or revocation to go on forever.  

The court does order an ignition interlock for a driver and it’s more than just traffic violations, a medical condition or a suspended or revoked license or suspension or revoked situation. Failure to pay insurance also will produce a revoked or suspended license and necessitate reinstatement. 

The rules of the DMV dictate reinstatement requirements of how and when you can reinstate your driving privileges after they have been revoked or suspended. Even the financial requirements and financial responsibility like insurance and even reinstatement itself end up getting your license suspended or revoked. The suspensions or revocations are serious and you will have to pay the suspensions or revocations fee.  

The DMV reinstatement after suspended rules after a license is taken away. The DMV says to get back your license you must meet certain reinstatement requirements that even a court order can’t change. The DMV decides when your license gets reinstated or when you can reinstate your licenses or even search for your licenses, the notice of the form you need for specific violations by proof of a letter from the department or the form you need to reinstate your license and a form for a service you need to obtain this service or a notice for the service of this or a notice for the service to obtain that, mail for this notice to address these licenses and violations or mail to address those licenses and violations (do you sense the DMV Department Online Failure Frustration Nightmare)!!!! Contact us today to avoid it. 

For the record a state DMV department can determine for how long it may be required to keep your license suspended, revoked or when to reinstate, pay fees, proof of a date by letter, obtain a letter of notice, search for a violation The time period is set by the court or the amount of the fees not by the office of the department of motor vehicles. 

A driver operating a motor vehicle while driving under the influence either by alcohol or drugs with no injuries or other special circumstances comes with a license suspension, revoked driving privilege or driver license, high fines/fees and skyrocketing auto insurance rates but all of this can cause problems at work, including discipline or firing.  

With possible difficulties with your driving privilege or driver license, meeting work, school or family (child support) obligations might seem impossible. You can only reinstate and obtain your license or licenses after proper notice by mail of a violation from the state office regarding a drivers right to reinstate their licenses. That’s why it is important to take action as soon as you are charged with an OWI, DWI, DUI and Drunk Driving traffic violations and ordered to install an ignition interlock device. 


Fight The Charges! 

So essentially long story short, don’t pay a fee and get your driver license suspended by the DMV if you don’t have to. Walk away with a misdemeanor, traffic suspension and probation. In my experience as a Wisconsin OWI crime lawyer, I’ve never met a person who enjoys navigating through the rules of the DMV, having their insurance taken away, getting their license suspended, having to get a new license, or going through the entre reinstatement process.  

You may think if the police have a blood-alcohol concentration measurement above the legal limit along with a suspended license, they have enough proof to convict. This is not entirely true!  

Police officers make mistakes at work, including mistakes with gathering, evaluating and storing evidence. Many times the police jump to the conclusion of who was driving the car or other motor vehicle (like a golf cart). In addition when you tell them someone was taking you home the cops end up not believing you nor your designated driver.  

I’ve made a reputation for proving the cops wrong in a jury trial. Don’t just “buckle under” with a cop that doesn’t believe you. Let us organize your case, fight the suspension, deal with your suspended license with the DMV and prove your case to a jury in a state court. 


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Do you lose your license immediately after a DUI in Wisconsin?

The arresting officer will immediately take the license and eject a temporary license, which expires within 30 days. You may challenge the decision and may lose your driver’s license if you do.


Your Driver’s License

The DOT hearing is completely separate from your drunk driving case. The DOT decides the validity of your driver’s license. The DOT does listen to the state court system (judge’s order) as to how long your license is going to be suspended but determines your driver’s license rule beyond that.


Your Commercial Driver’s License

If you are a CDL driver or have one in the family, it is crucial to know that there are different rules when it comes to DUI’s. A DUI conviction will stay on your record for life.

Operating After RevocationMeet With Us Today! 

It’s important to act quickly when you are charged with a driving. The longer you wait, the easier it is for evidence and opportunities to disappear. But it is especially important to take action early with an OWI, DWI and Drunk Driving charge. Wisconsin law states you have 10 days to request a hearing where you can fight the automatic driver’s license suspension and penalties. By law, you are entitled to this hearing, but you must request it within 10 days or you automatically lose your chance to defend your license.  

The DOT hearing is completely separate from your OWI, DWI, DUI and Drunk Driving case. You can and should have an attorney representing you at both. . We represent people who are accused of all types of Driving While Intoxicated, OWI, DUI, DWI or Drunk Driving charges from simple first offenses to complex cases involving high BACs or serious accidents. In fact, Managing Attorneys Mark Mullen has won multiple trials involving very high BACs and potential felony charges.  

Managing Partner Scott Schlough has won motion hearings bringing 5+ OWIs down to OWI 1st s. In addition our partners have won drunk driving charges even more involved than that. It is crucial that you consult with and hire the best OWI, DUI, DWI or Drunk Driving attorney or at least the best OWI, DUI, DWI or Drunk Driving lawyer near you. 

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