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    Imagine driving home from Eau Claire after a night out with friends, when suddenly you see flashing lights in your car and rearview mirror. Your heart races as you pull your car over, realizing you may be facing a DUI charge for drunk driving. In Eau Claire or Eau Claire County and the Eau Claire and surrounding areas, DUI charges for drunk driving are a serious matter that can have long-lasting consequences.

    Understanding DUI Charges in Eau Claire County or Eau Claire, Wisconsin

    Driving under the influence intoxicated (DUI) can be a criminal offense in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas, including Eau Claire County and La Crosse counties. However, your first OWI or DUI in Eau Claire County and everywhere in Wisconsin is a civil ticket. Every year, approximately 1.5 million drivers are arrested and charged with a DUI, making it essential for individuals facing these criminal charges to have free access to competent, criminal defense attorneys and lawyers who specialize in DUI reckless driving-related criminal cases.

    A DUI charge can have serious legal consequences, costs, fees and penalties, making it crucial to understand the various criminal charges and drunk driving charges that you face and the importance of having skilled legal representation on your side. An Eau Claire County WI DUI lawyer or an Eau Claire County drunk driving attorney will give you a better understanding of the law surrounding a DUI conviction entail.

    Consequences of a DUI Conviction

    Facing the court on a DUI charge without proper legal representation can lead to severe legal costs and ramifications. These legal fees and consequences may include fines, license suspension, and even jail time.

    Importance of Legal Representation

    A good Eau Claire County, and criminal defense, criminal law, and criminal defense, attorney can offer numerous advantages in a DUI case. Dui lawyers can provide increased individualized attention to personal injury, ability and comprehension of DUI regulations, help in decreasing or bypassing jail time and other sanctions, and recognition of flaws in the case against you. A Eau Claire DUI, criminal law and criminal offense, defense, lawyer should have extensive knowledge and experience of criminal law related to DUI criminal offense and the criminal law and criminal defense, in order to address criminal record, guilty police officer’s, driver’s license, suspension, driver’s license issues, constitutional rights such as the right to remain silent and probable cause for a police stop, and other motor vehicle questions.

    Selecting lawyers, that practice of hiring an attorney with excellent communication skills and the ability to formulate a strong defense tailored to your legal needs is crucial for the best possible outcome in your court case.

    Analyzing Your DUI Case

    To gain a better understanding of a DUI arrest the case typically evidence such as breathalyzer results, the field sobriety test, tests, blood tests, county officer testimony, and witness statements. It’s essential to consider the context of the arrest jury trial, verify the breathalyzer results, evaluate the field sobriety test tests, and assess the reliability of the witnesses. All elements of the crime need to be evacuated in getting a better understanding of the arrest jury trial, and case.

    Analyzing a DUI case is crucial, as it can aid in the legal issues and deciding the most helpful course of action for the defendant, including recognizing potential defenses and preparing for jury trial or negotiating a plea deal.

    Finding Potential Defenses

    When assessing a Wisconsin DUI case, it’s vital to take into account any potential defenses against criminal charges that may be available to you. Common defenses in DUI cases include challenging or questioning the accuracy of the chemical test results, asserting that you were not driving under the influence of alcohol, and asserting that you were not given the proper Miranda warnings by the police.

    To defend and dispute the accuracy of the intoxicated breathalyzer test in Wisconsin, one can question the calibration of the device, the qualifications of the operator, and the accuracy of the results. A WI DUI attorney or WI DUI lawyer who manages DUI related cases on a regular basis will start out here in evaluating your case. To evaluate the legality of the traffic stop, consider the police officer and defendant’s probable cause for the stop, the police officer and defendant’s behavior during the stop, and the accuracy of the police officer’s report. Providing evidence such as see testimony, performance during field sobriety tests, videos and medical records can help show to your WI DUI lawyer or WI DUI attorney that you were not impaired and committed a crime.

    Common Questions Regarding a DUI Arrest

    1.       What is the best way to manage a DUI Arrest?

    2.        What are the short-term & long-term effects of an OWI/DUI?

    3.        What are the effects of alcohol on the body?

    4.        The police didn’t read me my Miranda warning?

    5.        Should I get a lawyer for my first DUI/OWI charge in Eau Claire County, WI?

    6.        Can you beat a DUI/OWI charge in Eau Claire County Wisconsin?

    What Type of DUI Cases Do We Handle

    What Type of OWI Cases Do We Manage

    Call us at 715-723-7160 and we will discuss in detail the Eau Claire County, Eau Claire County criminal offense, defense and law defense attorney services we provide, why one person should or SHOULD NOT get a first criminal defense and offense lawyer after being not guilty or arrested for your first Wisconsin OWI charge, legal issue, repeater or felony crime charges based on the facts of your case.

    Why Our OWI Defense Attorneys Are The Best Choice

    Why Our Defense Attorneys Are the Best Choice

    Mullen, Schlough & Associates, Atty Mark Mullen, Atty Scott Schlough & Atty Sawan Talwar are some of law firms and the attorneys the Eau Claire DUI attorneys. Our law firms and firm’s attorneys and lawyers’ associates who can aid you in your DUI defense case or some various past DWI charge. These DUI lawyers, attorneys and law practice firms boast years of experience and an extensive knowledge in-depth knowledge of local DUI laws and crimes of alcohol use.

    Background and Expertise

    Mullen, Schlough & Associates DUI attorneys and lawyers boast over 20 years of experience in DUI defense and criminal cases. In addition, our attorneys know each prosecutor, attorney, lawyer, other attorney, prosecutor, judge, lawyer and law enforcement officer by name and their individual weaknesses. They center their law practice on defending DUI/OWI cases for other lawyers near other attorneys and clients charged and arrested for DUI-related offenses in state courts, making them an attorney well-equipped to defend your personal injury or OWI case.

    Commitment to Client Satisfaction

    Our Eau Claire DUI attorneys and lawyers provide the highest quality legal representation to their clients. Our attorneys are committed to ensuring that their clients receive the best possible outcome in their case and are devoted to providing personalized attention and exceptional service. Our Eau Claire County, Eau Claire County, La Crosse County, Eau Claire and Eau Claire, Wisconsin drunk driving attorneys strive to keep their clients informed on the progress of their cases, respond to any inquiries they may have, and ensure that their clients understand the legal process. Furthermore, they offer resources and free call counsel to enable their clients to make informed decisions. Additionally, they are available for meetings with their clients either in person or over the phone to discuss their cases.

    Selecting the right Eau Claire DUI defense lawyer is crucial for the best possible outcome in your case. When choosing a DUI attorney and shopping for DUI lawyers hire someone with specialized DUI training, strong negotiation capabilities, positive client referrals, and a proven history in DUI and criminal defense law. A reputable criminal defense lawyer with familiarity with the Eau Claire County court system, City of Eau Claire, and Eau Claire County prosecutors is of utmost importance. In this section, we will discuss the factors to consider when choosing a top Eau Claire dui lawyer or Eau Claire County DWI or DUI attorney, such as experience and familiarity with local courts.

    Experience and History

    When selecting a Wisconsin Eau Claire County DWI or DUI attorney, it is essential to consider their experience and history. An attorney with experience in handling DUI cases and dui related cases and other legal matters and issues matters more likely to be familiar with the intricacies of the legal system and provide you with a satisfactory outcome. Familiarizing oneself with the local court system is crucial, as it allows the attorney to gain an in-depth understanding of the court, local penalties and defend against the relevant laws applicable to the case. This can help them to adequately prepare for the case and ensure the best possible outcome. A history of successful results for clients is significant, as it shows that the attorney has the ability and knowledge to manage your case and provides the most helpful outcome for their clients.

    Familiarity with Local Courts

    Hiring a Wisconsin DUI attorney who is familiar with DUI practice in front of Eau Claire County local courts and procedures can greatly benefit your case. This practice familiarity enables the attorney to understand the local court system, bail rules including the judges and prosecutors’ priorities, and navigate any distinct procedures, penalties or tendencies that may influence the outcome of your DWI or DUI case. Engaging a DUI lawyer with familiarity with local courts may lead to a more desirable result in your case. It is important to evaluate the attorney’s knowledge of local courts when selecting the right Eau Claire DUI attorney for your needs. Hiring an attorney familiar with Eau Claire County or La Crosse County law customs and practices is great if your case is based there but has no practical application for an Eau Claire County matter. Your attorney should realize this fact. In fact, no matter what law school the DUI lawyer, DUI attorney went to, any WI DUI attorney or WI dui lawyer or DUI lawyer should grasp this fact, All DUI attorneys and DWI lawyers figure this blunt fact out the first 15 seconds or they’re not much of a WI DUI attorney or WI dui lawyer or DUI lawyer.

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    Our Attorneys

    Proving Answers & Peace of Mind During Litigation Chaos
    Mark Mullen

    Mark R. Mullen

    Managing Partner – Business Operations

    Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

    OWI Defense
    Mobile: (715) 828-4780

    Attorney Mark Mullen spends most of his time managing Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C. He uses his business education along with extensive knowledge of everyday law firm operations combined with 10 years courtroom experience to insure attorneys with the firm provide quality legal representation. In addition, he believes and strives to insure successful attorneys start with an organized office environment with highly trained and experienced staff providing attorneys to have only one issue on their minds: winning the case.

    Scott S. Schlough

    Scott S. Schlough

    Managing Partner – Legal Services

    Menomonie, Wisconsin

    Criminal Defense & OWI Defense
    Mobile: (715) 821-1287

    Attorney Schlough attended the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where he studied Political Science and Communications. He also had to opportunity to complete two internships in the Minnesota government, first with the Minnesota House of Representatives and then with former Governor Tim Pawlenty. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he immediately enrolled in law school at William Mitchell College of Law. While at William Mitchell, Attorney Schlough was active in the Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity and was also president of the Ski and Snowboard club at William Mitchell. He is licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.


    Sawan Talwar

    Practicing Attorney – Legal Services

    Eau Claire, Wisconsin

    Criminal Defense & OWI Defense
    Mobile: 715-497-8391

    Sawan attended the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, where he received a bachelor’s degree in microbiology. After spending time in the workforce, he later attended Minnesota State University, Mankato, where he received a master’s degree in biology. Coming from a science-heavy background, Sawan found his calling in criminal defense, by being able to combine his past experiences with the legal field. While in law school, Sawan spent a portion of his time getting practicable, real-world experience. At the University of St. Thomas School of Law, Sawan participated in the Misdemeanor Defense Externship, being place in Hennepin County. Additionally, he participated in the Law School’s Trademark Clinic and Compliance Externship. He also participated in serval clubs and was a part of a mentorship program for younger students. Outside of the Law School, Sawan was a law clerk for a criminal defense firm in Bloomington, MN before joining Mullen, Schlough, & Associates, S.C.

    Sawan believes that helping the client understand the legal process and education is at the forefront of effective defense. He understands that while some people have been through the system before, others have not and providing guidance is the first step for building trust.

    Why Our Flexible PAyment Plans Work For Your Budget

    Why Our Flexible Flat Fee Prices and Payment Plans Fit Your Situation, Makes Sense and Meet Your Best Interest

    Facing a DUI charge can be financially burdensome, which is why attorneys say it’s essential to explore free and affordable legal representation, trial and bail options.

    Flat Fee Pricing

    Flat fee pricing for Wisconsin DUI attorneys refers to a fixed amount defendants pay upfront to the lawyers near handle the entirety of a DUI case. This amount typically ranges from $3,00 to $7,500, depending on the lawyer’s experience and reputation. The benefits of flat fee pricing include the assurance of being aware of the overall cost of the case in advance, as well as the potential to plan for the cost of legal representation. The drawbacks include the possibility for the lawyer to be less committed to working on the case if the fee is already paid, in addition to the possibility for the lawyer to be less inclined to negotiate a lower fee.

    Payment Plan Options

    Our Wisconsin DUI attorneys and lawyers offer payment plans that range from $150 to $500 per defendant per month, offering more affordable options. Payment plans and fees can be tailored to suit defendants’ needs and can be paid via check or with credit card. Consult with a DWI or DUI attorney to find if payment plans are available and to find what options may be best suited for your financial situation.

    Our Prices & Payment Plans

    Criminal Defense


    Starting at $6000
    Half Required Down Before We Start
    Criminal Defense


    Starting at $4500
    Half Required Down Before We Start
    OWI/DUI Defense

    1st to 3rd

    Starting at $4500
    Half Required Down Before We Start
    OWI/DUI Defense


    Starting at $6000
    Half Required Down Before We Start

    What People Say About Us

    What People Say About Us

    People who have collaborated with us in the past have said nothing but positive reviews, making us the perfect option if you are looking for an attorney who deals with any common drunk driving questions you may have. At Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C., we strive to make your experience as convenient and stress free as possible, setting us apart from other law firms in Eau Claire.

    State vs. Citizen Accused of Multiple First Degree Sexual Assault & Armed Robbery
    Taylor County vs. Citizen Accused of Multiple First Degree Sexual Assault and Armed Robbery A client had been charged with multiple felony counts that could have led to over 150 years of imprisonment. The attorneys at Mullen, Schlough & Associates SC were able to investigate the matter and show that law enforcement did not properly investigate and jumped to conclusions based upon faulty voice recognition. Testimony elicited on cross examination of the alleged victim indicated a large number of inconsistencies and reasonable doubt lead to acquittal. ***Not Guilty Prosecutors Motion To Dismiss***
    State vs. Citizen Accused of Repeated Sexual Assault of a Child
    Clark County vs. Citizen Accused of Repeated Sexual Assault of a Child The client was accused of multiple sexual contacts with a child under age 13. After researchingthe alleged timeline of the alleged assaults, and extensive investigation by the Firm, the endresult was a two-pronged attack - rationale for the child to not be disclosing the truth and also the fact that it could be shown, uncontrovertibly, that on at least 3 of the alleged occasions itcould not have happened at all. Mullen, Schlough & Associates SC's aggressive treatment of the case was a key contributor to the acquittal. ***Not Guilty Jury Verdict***
    State vs. Citizen Accused of Domestic Disorderly Conduct & Domestic Battery
    Eau Claire County vs. Domestic Disorderly Conduct and Domestic Battery Attorney Mullen showed the prosecution, due to the nature of relationships among all parties involved, such a case would be fruitless for the State to try to win at trial. Such cases were dismissed entirely due to Attorney Mullen and various prosecutors experience in such areas. ***Case Dismissed Upon Defense Motion)***

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