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    The County Courthouse

    Typically this is where most, if not all county business is done or administered.  In addition, this is where the county courtrooms, district attorneys offices and other offices are located.  All criminal and civil cases, at the fact-finding level, are heard and decided:
    Eau Claire County Court System:

    The County Sheriff's Department

    Every county has a law enforcement agency that enforces the law within its boundaries.  The county sheriffs departments enforce the law and county district attorneys prosecute those cases referred to them by sheriff’s deputies.

    Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Department:

    The City Police Department

    Each city or town has their own police department or law enforcement agency.  Police officers enforce city laws and most times are the same laws that are enforce in the county.  When a city police officer arrests someone regarding a county offense, the case gets referred to the county district attorney’s office.  When a county sheriff’s deputy arrests a person for a city ordinance violation, the case gets referred to the city prosecuting attorney.

    Eau Claire  City Police:

    Department of Motor Vehicle

    A criminal or OWI/DUI conviction will have an important impact on your life and in more ways than you think. After an arrest your driver’s license may be suspended by the DMV well before you see the inside of a courtroom.

    Wisconsin Dept of Motor Vehicles:

    Eau Claire Dept of Motor Vehicles:

    Alcohol & Other Drugs Counseling

    Many times the Department of Motor Vernicles and/or State & City prosecutors along with the judges requires some sort of successful completion of a course to complete the matter. Listed below are some businesses that provide Alcohol & Other Drug counseling services.

    Nystrom & Associates:

    Callier Clinic:

    Eau Claire, WI Inpatient Treatment Center:

    Probation & Parole

    In many sentences of criminal cases, there is a period of probation in misdemeanor cases or extended supervision (the modern term for parole) in felony cases after any time ordered for jail or prison incarceration.  This is ordered by judges to address the underlying cause behind the criminal act.  The theory is, once the accused can deal with the underlying issue in a more responsible manner, the defendant, victim and society will be better off.

    Eau Claire County Probation & Parole: 4330 Golf Terrace # 109, Eau Claire, WI 54701