DUI / OWI Criminal Defense Laws in Wisconsin

DUI / OWI Criminal Defense Laws in WI In the past few years, over 1.4 million drivers have been arrested driving under the influence, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. An OWI (operating while intoxicated or a DUI (driving under the influence), isn’t just  alcohol , it also includes  drugs and prescribed medication).  If the driver's [...]



Drug Driving Laws in WI: Weed, Prescription and Over-the-Counter Meds

Most often people discuss drunk driving and its consequences. But there needs to be a higher level of knowledge about drug driving. Especially for the fact that it includes OTC (over the counter) medication. A DUI (driving under the influence) includes alcohol, marijuana, prescribed drugs plus over-the-counter medications such as: antacids, acetaminophen, antihistamines, aspirin, laxatives and decongestants.[...]



Help! I am a Juvenille with a DUI!

Step 1 is to hire an under age drinking defense attorney It’s the season for proms and high school graduations. Unfortunately, this time of year we often see an uptick in DUI / OWI criminal arrests of young drivers in Wisconsin. Many are under the legal drinking age. What many do not realize, unfortunately, is that DUI[...]