If you’ve been charged with a theft or property crime, whether it be Burglary, Criminal Damage To Property, Identity Theft, Misappropriation of a Credit Card, Larceny, Embezzlement or anything else of a property destruction or theft-ike nature.— YOU NEED US.

Why Us?

  • Flexible Payment Plans – we realize you’re not sitting on tons of cash just waiting to give it to an attorney. Incidents pop up in life just at the wrong time inevitably.  You’ve got better places and causes to put your money.  Check out our easy payment plan terms here to help you get the attorney you want at a price you can afford.
  • Local Court and District Attorney Familiarity – your attorney will stick to representing clients in one or two counties.  Knowing the undisclosed “pet peeves” of the judges and district attorneys is critical to a successful outcome in your case.  Was the judge, district attorney and/or their family or ffriends personally touched by a similar crime last year?  You attorney better know. 

Also your attorney better know the local rules and procedures of the court.  I don’t care how well he or she did a couple years ago on that crime on TV, whatever they do (or don’t do) on your case right now is the only thing that matters. 

We target our local representation to: Chippewa Falls and anywhere in Chippewa County, Wisconsin Eau Claire and anywhere in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, Menomonie and anywhere in Dunn County, Wisconsin and Rice Lake and anywhere in Barron County, Wisconsin.

  • Great Customer Service – when you have a quick question, don’t go with a law firm employing paralegals.   We take pride in the fact that all of us our licensed attorneys with knowledge and experience in criminal law.   If your attorney is busy and you have a general question Attorney Mark Mullen can probably help you out.
  • Free Consult – click one of the options under Free Consultation to schedule a convenient time to sit down or contact one of our local attorneys.  You Need Answers Now. Criminal defense is not one of those things that can be “pushed off”. What’s going on with your case is a life altering event so you deserve an attorney that appreciates that fact.

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