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    Eau Claire OWI Attorney

    DUI lawyers are lawyers that focus their practice on DUI cases. They are a breed of lawyer that knows DUI case law, legal consequences of a conviction, know how to argue your case to the court or a jury during a trial and may be able to reach the outcome of the matter or case without a trial.

    A knowledgeable lawyer or attorney who is familiar with legal case law will know the consequences of a conviction on your record. An attorney or lawyer with knowledge on how to represent a defendant on an intoxicated impaired case or related impaired accident case.

    When a person is ready to hire an attorney, just remember you need to hire someone who has a record of local trial court case win in excess of loss. Hiring representation who knows the case and court process, gets trial outcome in state court and represent those accused of case charges similar to yours.

    The fees and cost are worth it to hire someone knowledgeable to represent you in your case. The outcome in a trial is worth the cost and fee in hiring.  The state or national school they attended is irrelevant. Hiring based on some state board trial review is foolish.  Hiring based on case outcome no matter what the fee just makes sense.

    Common OWI Defense Questions

    At Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C. our Eau Claire, WI DUI attorneys or criminal defense lawyer team focuses on being able to provide expert legal advice on all matters related to Eau Claire, Eau Claire, La Crosse and Eau Claire County Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicate (DWI) and Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) criminal law issues. You need to know WI Eau Claire or Eau Claire County DUI penalties and fines, DUI laws, the legal system, potential jail time, any surrounding DUI DWI alcohol drunk driving charges or drug issues with other criminal offense matters you may be facing and a potential DUI conviction.

    Your criminal record, guilty verdicts, license suspension, driver’s license issues, constitutional rights like the right to remain silent and probable cause for a stop, drugs search, field sobriety test results, blood alcohol content results, driving privileges, probation revocation and other motor vehicle questions need to be addressed by a Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Eau Claire County or La Crosse County Wisconsin DUI defense lawyer with extensive knowledge and extensive experience of criminal law relating to DUI defense.

    We want to give a better understanding of Wisconsin DUI charge legal issues and law like valid field sobriety tests versus invalid field sobriety tests, blood test result issues, a valid constitutional arrest versus an unconstitutional arrest, what’s really in your best interest and whether to avoid jail time if you have to suffer a life of a criminal record with criminal charges or criminal cases you might not be guilty. You need to know the ramifications of the Wisconsin DUI charges before you take the criminal charge plea bargain. Get a better understanding of Wisconsin law ramification before you determine the evidence.

    What Type of OWI Cases Do We Handle

    Call us at 715-723-7160 and we will discuss in detail the Eau Claire County, Eau Claire County WI criminal defense attorney services we provide, why one should or SHOULD NOT get a lawyer for your first OWI charge, legal issue, repeater or felony charges based on the facts of your case.

    Why Our OWI Defense Attorneys Are The Best Choice

    When you find yourself in need of a Eau Claire, WI DUI lawyer, Eau Claire, WI Eau Claire Eau Claire OWI Lawyer or Eau Claire, WI DWI lawyer you want to know that you have the best legal representation. That is why our attorneys are the perfect choice – with years of experienceand an understanding of local Eau Claire, WI laws, they can help you through your DUI law proceedings with ease.

    When you’re looking for a Eau Claire, WI DUI attorney, Eau Claire, WI OWI attorney or Eau Claire, WI DWI attorney to represent you in legal matters concerning drunk driving, it is important to understand the questions that commonly arise with DUI law. Our experienced attorneys at Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C. are dedicated to providing outstanding service and have years of knowledge when it comes to common drunk driving questions. It is our goal to be the bestEau Claire, WI lawyers and attorneys law firm handling DUI defense to represent people in the Eau Claire, WI area.

    Our Attorneys

    Proving Answers & Peace of Mind During Litigation Chaos
    Mark Mullen

    Mark R. Mullen

    Managing Partner – Business Operations

    Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

    OWI Defense
    Mobile: (715) 828-4780

    Attorney Mark Mullen spends most of his time managing Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C. He uses his business education along with extensive knowledge of everyday law firm operations combined with 10 years courtroom experience to insure attorneys with the firm provide quality legal representation. In addition, he believes and strives to insure successful attorneys start with an organized office environment with highly trained and experienced staff providing attorneys to have only one issue on their minds: winning the case.

    Scott S. Schlough

    Scott S. Schlough

    Managing Partner – Legal Services

    Menomonie, Wisconsin

    Criminal Defense & OWI Defense
    Mobile: (715) 821-1287

    Attorney Schlough attended the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where he studied Political Science and Communications. He also had to opportunity to complete two internships in the Minnesota government, first with the Minnesota House of Representatives and then with former Governor Tim Pawlenty. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he immediately enrolled in law school at William Mitchell College of Law. While at William Mitchell, Attorney Schlough was active in the Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity and was also president of the Ski and Snowboard club at William Mitchell. He is licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.


    Sawan Talwar

    Practicing Attorney – Legal Services

    Eau Claire, Wisconsin

    Criminal Defense & OWI Defense
    Mobile: 715-497-8391

    Sawan attended the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, where he received a bachelor’s degree in microbiology. After spending time in the workforce, he later attended Minnesota State University, Mankato, where he received a master’s degree in biology. Coming from a science-heavy background, Sawan found his calling in criminal defense, by being able to combine his past experiences with the legal field. While in law school, Sawan spent a portion of his time getting practicable, real-world experience. At the University of St. Thomas School of Law, Sawan participated in the Misdemeanor Defense Externship, being place in Hennepin County. Additionally, he participated in the Law School’s Trademark Clinic and Compliance Externship. He also participated in serval clubs and was a part of a mentorship program for younger students. Outside of the Law School, Sawan was a law clerk for a criminal defense firm in Bloomington, MN before joining Mullen, Schlough, & Associates, S.C.

    Sawan believes that helping the client understand the legal process and education is at the forefront of effective defense. He understands that while some people have been through the system before, others have not and providing guidance is the first step for building trust.

    Why Our Flexible Flat Fee Prices and Payment Plans Fit Your Situation

    Thankfully, when it comes to Eau Claire DUI, OWI, and DWI defense lawyers, we offer a unique advantage: our flat fee flexible prices and payment plans! We understand that because these charges are so expensive, it can be hard to afford quality legal representation. That’s why our team is committed to making sure you receive the DUI lawyer Eau Claire Eau Claire Eau Claire OWI Lawyer Eau Claire DWI lawyer chser vices you need at an affordable price. We will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget, no matter your financial situation. With us on your side, you don’t have to worry about how much your defense costs; instead, focus on achieving the best outcome for your case.

    Our Eau Claire DUI lawyer or Eau Claire DUI defense attorney team tackle DUI/OWI case after DUI/OWI case for clients charged with DUI related cases in state courts. We have successfully defended DUI cases during trials with blood alcohol levels above the legal limit. Any person could hire local lawyers or attorneys who represent people arrested by police and charged with DUI cases and take their matter to a trial in a local court, but lawyers and attorneys with our firm take pride in knowing Eau Claire, WI and Eau Claire county local police, legal issues and common concerns in DUI cases.  However, clients who don’t hire DUI attorneys or DUI lawyers when facing a DUI case risk, the legal consequences.

    Our Prices & Payment Plans

    Criminal Defense


    Starting at $6000
    Half Required Down Before We Start
    Criminal Defense


    Starting at $4500
    Half Required Down Before We Start
    OWI/DUI Defense

    1st to 3rd

    Starting at $4500
    Half Required Down Before We Start
    OWI/DUI Defense


    Starting at $6000
    Half Required Down Before We Start

    What’s Unique About Us

    At Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C. we are proud to offer the very best in DUI attorney legal services for all of your DUI, OWI and DWI related needs. Our team is uniquely qualified, with each lawyer having years of experience focusing on criminal defense and DUI related matters. We have intimate knowledge of the laws associated with driving under the influence, enabling us to provide our clients with personalized defense strategies tailored to their specific cases and needs. On top of this, we have a commitment to excellence that sets us apart from similar firms.

    We bring passion and dedication to every case we handle and aim to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of service whenever possible. If you’re looking for quality representation for your DUI, OWI or DWI legal matters, look no further than Eau Claire DUI Lawyers!

    When you’re looking for a Eau Claire DUI attorney, Eau Claire OWI attorney or Eau Claire DWI attorney to represent you in legal matters concerning drunk driving, it is important to understand the questions that commonly arise. Our experienced attorneys at Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C. are dedicated to providing outstanding service and have years of knowledge when it comes to common drunk driving questions.

    We offer flexible prices and payment plans that can fit any situation and our knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer your questions.

    People who have worked with us in the past have said nothing but positive reviews, making us the perfect option if you are looking for an attorney who deals with any common drunk driving questions you may have. At Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C., we strive to make your experience as convenient and stress free as possible, setting us apart from other law firms in Eau Claire.

    ·Flexible Flat Fee Prices And Payment Plans with Liberal Monthly Payments
    ·Great Customer Service
    ·Local Eau Claire, Wisconsin Court, Police and District Attorney and/or Prosecutor Familiarity

    OWI Case
    Attorney - Mark Mullen
    “I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out when you did. It now has been 3 years since I had gotten arrested and found you. I am thankful that you helped me and the whole experience has changed my life for the better and now I am helping out other people that were in my shoes to help turn their life better. Again, thank you for defending me. God Bless”

    - Ruth Fane
    OWI Case – ’12
    Attorney - Scott Schlough
    ” Back in December 2012 I was charged with a 2nd offence D.U.I. due to a vehicle crash I created while driving drunk. The next morning after being let out of jail I went across the street to Mullen, Schlough & Associates. I presented my case to Attorney Scott Schlough and Attorney Mark Mullen.  They took action right away, both Attorneys filed a motion with the DMV of Wisconsin to preserve my drivers license. "
    - Rob Ciotti
    OWI Case
    Attorney - Mark Mullen
    “I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a 2nd chance in life. I was able to overcome the accident, and because of the plea deal that I received, I was able to start over and get my life back. At first, it was hard getting a job, but (some company) gave me an opportunity as an agent, and I’m making the most of it. I hope that the other clients that you serve can be helped as much as you helped me. Thanks Again.”
    - Collen Risher

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