Navigating OWI Charges

Being charged with an OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) will cause serious implications to your life. Some implications may include suspension or expulsion of your license, monetary fines and even time in prison. The following are some guidelines on how to combat an OWI conviction in Wisconsin. If convicted of an OWI in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa County, Eau Claire, Eau Claire, County, Menomonie, Dunn County,  Rice Lake or Barron County, Wisconsin you should talk to an experienced OWI attorney immediately to read up on your rights.

  1. Stay calm and collected: Upon receiving an OWI charge  in Wisconsin, your immediate reaction should be to remain rational. It will be a grueling, tedious process; keeping a clear head will be one of your biggest assets. An OWI attorney will help you figure out all of your options regarding your rights during court proceedings.

  2. Follow up with an OWI legal expert: An important course of action is to consult an OWI attorney, experienced in handling OWI charges. An experienced lawyer in OWI cases will help navigate and understand the Justice system and the charges against you.
  3. Read up on your rights: As a citizen of Wisconsin charged with an OWI, knowing your rights after receiving an OWI charge is crucial. For instance, you reserve the right to remain silent and to an attorney. Deciding on options in court will come much more easily once your rights have been understood.

  4. Attend all court dates for your OWI charge: Make an appearance at all of your court sessions and follow all orders made by the court. Failing to attend court may result in additional penalties.

  5. Consider all options: A couple examples of alternative options could be a deferred prosecution agreement or a plea deal. There are many options to minimize penalties of an OWI conviction, depending on key details of your case.

  6. Avoid future OWIs: Do not drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications that advise driving during use. The easiest way to avoid further OWI charges is to refrain from operating a vehicle while intoxicated. 

It may be a shock that by hiring a specialized OWI attorney, your OWI case may be dismissed for a variety of reasons, such as illegally conducted field sobriety tests and illegal traffic stops. It is not true that it is impossible to beat an OWI case.

There are numerous penalties or OWI charges in Wisconsin and by selecting the best OWI criminal defense lawyer will make a difference between light and severe penalties. If charged with driving under the influence, driving while high, drunk or under the influence of prescription medication, you may face:

  • Monetary fines
  • Support groups
  • Time in jail
  • A suspended license

Typical stereotypes of a person charged with an OWI would be one who smells of marijuana or whose breath wreaks of beer. In actuality, one can face legal conviction after just just having a few drinks.

Mullen, Schlough & Associates is dedicated to assisting those charged with OWI or DUIs by guiding them through tumultuous legal situations. 

We are OWI/DUI legal defense lawyers in the Chippewa Valley serving Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, Barron and the surrounding areas, including all of Western Wisconsin. Consult with us today to discuss your case and offer our services to you, including our payment plans!

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