OWI Case – ’12

” Back in December 2012 I was charged with a 2nd offence D.U.I. due to a vehicle crash I created while driving drunk. The next morning after being let out of jail I went across the street to Mullen, Schlough & Associates. I presented my case to Attorney Scott Schlough and Attorney Mark Mullen. They took action right away, both Attorneys filed a motion with the DMV of Wisconsin to preserve my drivers license. Because of the quick actions they took I was able to keep my drivers licence for over a year. I was very surprised considering my BAC was that of .298 when registered from a blood draw, and, I had also been charged with a Refusel. In the end, Attorney Schlough was able to get the State to drop the refusel charge, and because I was proactive with all of the Driver Safety programs that Scott recommended I do, the judge dropped my fine from $1100- $900, 5 days jail, and loss of licence for 1 year. Throughout all of this, Scott and Mark had an open door for me. I work “Out of State” and any questions I had, both Scott and Mark replied within a few days. They always gave me a positive answer no matter what. They where great to work with and considering the damage I created with a 2nd offence D.U.I/ car crash, they really helped me out!! .”

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DUI/ OWI Defense Lawyers

Driving under the influence (DUI) and operating while intoxicated (OWI) are viewed as criminal offenses. At the point when an individual’s blood alcohol content surpasses the lawful level somewhere in the range of 0.05% and 0.08%, contingent upon the jurisdiction, the individual can be sentenced. An aggravated classification of the offense may exist in specific jurisdictions when the blood alcohol content surpasses 0.12%.