Under Federal Law

Under Federal law, animal cruelty is a criminal offense. While the nature of the allegations and the facts of a case may vary, individuals charged with this crime can face severe and life-altering penalties if convicted, including potential terms of imprisonment. Because animal cruelty charges can put your freedom and future on the line, working with experienced attorneys is critical to protecting your rights in the criminal justice system.

Animal cruelty charges in the US encompass a wide range of prohibited conduct involving animals – from neglect and mistreatment to willful and intentional abuse. While animal cruelty laws do not typically apply to accidental animal injuries or deaths arising from the normal operation of ranching, rodeos, or livestock shows, they do cover a broad range of unlawful conduct, including:

  • Animal abuse, including unjustifiable torturing, maiming, mutilating or killing of any cat, dog, or domesticated animal kept for companionship
  • Neglect, including depriving animals of necessary food and drink, or sufficient air and shelter
  • Contributing to, instigating, or allowing an animal to be abused or neglected
  • Poisoning another’s animal
  • Over-driving, torturing, overloading, beating, or unjustifiably injuring or killing any animal

Why you need a lawyer:

Penalties for animal cruelty vary depending on the facts and circumstances involved, including the type of animal involved and a defendant’s prior criminal history involving similar incidents, as well as whether charges are prosecuted as misdemeanors or felonies. Animal cruelty charges are not to be taken lightly. Because these allegations place a lot on the line, our animal defense lawyers encourage anyone facing charges to seek our immediate assistance as soon as possible. Our criminal defense lawyers have a reputation for providing personalized and aggressive representation, and are available 24/7 to review your case free of charge. Contact us today to request your FREE and confidential consultation.

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