OWI/DUI Defense Lawyers to the Rescue

There’s a risk of being arrested and charged with drunk or drugged driving when an individual drives a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. To keep intoxicated drivers off the road, law enforcement officials in every state in the US have increased their determination. An individual needs to be drunk to be arrested for this offense is one general misconception.

Many individuals are arrested for drunk driving for just having a couple of drinks. Unfortunately, a failure to understand the situation can bring about lasting adverse outcomes, such as a criminal conviction, prison, and the loss of your driving rights for an extended period of time.

You need an experienced criminal defense firm to appropriately defend your case and offer you valuable legal advice if you’re arrested and arrested on suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. You can fight the charge properly with the help of an experienced OWI/DUI defense lawyer.

The consequence for a DUI/ OWI conviction significantly varies by state, just as by the sort of license you have since the law changes now and then. Most of all, the nature of your legal representation can have a lot of effect on the result. Paying a fine, driver’s license suspension or revocation, alcohol counseling, jail time, and installing an ignition interlock device (IID) are some penalties you face when convicted of drunk driving, which can increase to a large extent if certain aggravating factors are present.

There’s a false impression that there is no way to fight an OWI/DUI charge, which couldn’t be more off-base. Lawyers have succeeded in having OWI charges thrown out based on blood tests, illegal traffic stops, field sobriety tests, and breathalyzer tests.

To defend against your OWI/DUI charges, OWI/DUI defense lawyers will explore all possible defenses. They will deal with the criminal case and the administrative issues regarding your driver’s license as well. Your odds of succeeding are significantly increased with the assistance of an accomplished legal team. 

The OWI/DUI defense lawyers of Mullen Schlough & Associates SC have successfully litigated legal challenges and trials in OWI/DUI cases resulting in dismissals and acquittals. They can help you preserve your driving privileges, your good record, and most importantly, they will help you avoid jail.  

Contact Mullen, Sclough & Associates S.C. in Chippewa Falls, WI today.

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