OWI / DUI Lawyer in the Wisconsin Area

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 1.5 million drivers are charged with a DUI, or driving while under the influence, in any given year. Becoming accused of a DUI may not only occur when the operator has the stereotypical appearance of alcohol consumption. Operating a vehicle while under the influence, or an OWI, can apply to any sort of illicit or prescription drug, especially medication in which the warning label urges against the use of heavy machinery while consuming. The severity of the circumstances will vary if the driver is at or over the legal age of consumption; Worse penalties can arise when the driver is under the legal drinking age.

An experienced attorney specializing in DUI and OWI charges can be in the defense of a driver arrested and convicted of driving a car or motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Located in Chippewa Falls, has handled such cases in Chippewa County, Eau Claire County, Dunn County, and Barron County, Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C specializes in DUI laws in Wisconsin. Experienced for more than 30 years, Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C. is the best route to take when experiencing DUI charges against you. The DUI attorneys will ensure you have a well-organized defense, taking care of even the smallest of details, including all administrative procedures involved in the legal process. Having ample expertise in Wisconsin DUI laws is top of their priority list and will be taken seriously to the fullest extent in order for you to gain insight on your legal rights in Wisconsin, as well as gaining awareness on all of your options.

The legal process for DUI charges can be extremely stressful and a tense time in your life. A DUI defense lawyer will help you develop a detailed defense to ensure the driver’s rights are protected and keep the convicted up to date on the prosecution’s evidence against them. There will be mandatory hearings which start at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or the DMV, which end at the County or State Court. The driver accused of DUI, driving under the influence, charges MUST attend these hearings.

Evidence from the scene will be obtained to ensure all facts are accurate and that everything was handled legally from the point of arrest. DUI criminal defense lawyers can combat questions by the prosecution by finding faults in their testimony. DUI lawyers with experience can file a motion, which can potentially negate their clients’ statements. 

DUI criminal defense lawyers work tirelessly to get the charges dropped or at least revisited very early on in the court process. Negotiations of a plea deal is a possible outcome of the legal processes, which your DUI attorney will take care of with the consent of the accused. 

Consulting a DUI defense attorney, such as those at Mullen, Schlough & Associates S.C. with over-adequate experience, can help create a plan in your benefit for a well-organized defense to avoid additional penalties and litigation against you. We provide a free consultation to ensure that our attorneys are the best fit for you. Make sure you ask about our payment plans.

If charges of a DUI or an OWI are affecting yourself or a family member in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa County, Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Menomonie, Dunn County, Rice Lake or Barron County, WI, speaking to a  OWI defense lawyer in your area should be number one on your list of priorities!  

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